Top Ten Tips for Getting a Mortgage Approved


1. Look at your total income and look at your total expenses.  Are there savings you could easily make?  If so, make them!

2. Do you have some savings?  This could be in a bank account, cash management fund, managed funds, shares or some other investment asset.  If not, start saving.   Get that deposit.  See item 1!

3. Work out what you can afford to buy.  We can help you there.

4. Match what you can afford with where you would like to buy.  If they don’t match, look at alternatives.  Remember, you don’t need to stay there forever but it’s a good idea to get a foot on the property ladder.

5. Choose the right lender.  We can assess your situation and make an application for you to the lender who is most likely to approve your loan.

6. A complete and professional looking application has a greater chance of success.

7. Be honest when answering all questions.

8. Have a good credit rating by paying bills on time and resolving any outstanding credit issues.

9. Have written proof that your employment is ongoing.

10. Seek the help of a competent finance broker.

As a property investor with a number of propert...

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Top 10 tips for finding the right mortgage for you...

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