5 Questions For A Developer's Agent

Written on the 7 October 2013 by Brian Ashworth

A guest post by Brian Ashworth of www.anewhouse.com.au

So you have seen some newspaper adverts for a new Subdivision that looks good..............Here are some questions you should ask the agent before you get too excited.


Are the Blocks Titled?

It's not uncommon for blocks to be offered for sale long before Block Titles will be ready. I have heard of people waiting a year, or more, before the title was issued so they could complete the land sale and start to build.

What Are The Council Rules for the 'Building Envelope?

Most councils have rules for the proportion of the block that can be occupied by buildings. This is a key factor in determining what size house you can put on the block. Different rules may apply to different areas of the same council so check for the development you are interested in.

What Services Are Available?

Ideally you will want: Electricity, Water, Sewerage, Gas, Phone (including NBN?). Recycled Water may be useful if you are a keen gardener.

Expected Time-scale for Development Completion -  How long are you going to have to put up with dust in summer and muddy roads in winter?

If you buy one of the first blocks on a major deveopment it could be years.

What Covenants And Developers Rules Apply?

Its quite common for there to be rules about what you can build. These can be fairly loose, or very stringent laying down in detail what the house should look like These can a significant effect on the look, materials of construction, cost, and how you use your house.

The above is taken from the anewhouse Guide To Buying A Block at http://www.anewhouse.com.au/sample-page/


Author: Brian Ashworth
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